Sunday, August 28, 2005

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Rating: B+

It's really nice to see the raunchy adult comedies are making a comeback. It's also very good that these movies are actually very good and very funny. Following on the heels of Wedding Crashers, The 40 Year Old Virgin tells the story of a uh, 40 year old virgin (Andy) played by the extremely talented and hilarious Steve Carell. Carell stole the show in Bruce Almighty and delivered a total comic knockout to the over the top Will Ferrell in Anchorman.

Andy has had some bad sexual experiences in his past, and has pretty much given up on ever getting lucky. He follows is schedule with OCD perfection, collects action figures, and plays video games to wile away his sexless life. He works in a generic electronic store stockroom. It isn't long until his buddies discover his secret, and they take it apon themselves to remedy the situation. Hilarity insues.

Carell takes the role with a ton of vigor, and you find yourself really rooting for Andy to just get out there and "do it". The way his relationship develops not only with his friends (Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, and Romany Malco) but also with the lady across the street (Catherine Keener), the woman that might be Mrs Right Now is very well paced and believable.

There are a few parts that I found myself laughing out loud and still laughing a few scenes later. A lot of sexual situations humor, which was very well done and for the most part tastefully done. Ok, it's not that tasteful, but it's damn funny. Check this movie out. Carell's star is rising, and I look forward to his next project.


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