Sunday, March 05, 2006


Rating: D

Ultraviolet is my first really bad movie of 2006, and I am very sad that it is. I had decent hopes for it, I mean Mila Jovovich is really hot, but it was just so bad.

Some time in the future, the government discovered some virus and tried (of course) to use it to make people faster, stronger, etc. It backfires (of course) and creates a subrace of folks called hemophages. Presumeably, these people are like vampires, but they never are seen drinking blood, but they are referred to as vampires and well, they've got the teeth. Anyway, the government, paranoid about germs, wants to kill all the hemophages. Jovovich plays Violet, a hemophage that is transporting a case that contains a weapon that will "kill us all!" Turns out the weapon is a kid (creepier Cameron Bright - see Running Scared) named Six, who Violet develops a soft spot for and vows to protect even though his could "kill us all!"

The fighting and gunplay goes from there in typical action, manga fashion. Most of the fight sequences are laughable and filled with so much CGI it makes your head spin. There is a feel of the Matrix in this movie, but it never even gets close. Jovovich is wooden in the role. The dialouge is some of the worst I have ever seen. During the final fight, Violent smacks the baddie, and he pauses and says, "It is so on". Ugh.

You never get into the movie. You don't care about any of the characters and if they live or die. Actually you want all of them to die so you can go do something else. Most of the folks in the theater were bored right along with me.

At least Ultraviolet excells at one thing. It makes time travel possible by making an hour and a half seems like 3 weeks.


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