Sunday, October 23, 2005


Rating: C-

Kiera Knightley gets down and dirty in Domino. Domino is the story of Domino Harvey, Ford model turned bounty hunter. I've seen pictures of the real Domino, and trust me, Kiera Knightly is so much hotter. The release date of this movie was pushed back a few months due to the untimely death of the real Domino. Oh well. This movie should have been pushed all the way out of theaters.

We're taken through the life of Domino through a "movies for dummies" type fashion. Knightly narrates every little detail including who everyone is, what they're doing, and why. Each narration is accompanied with text of the names, freeze frames on the important parts, and awkward camera work. Even with the instruction, the plot is a little confusing. Mickey Rourke continues his basic character trend playing Domino's mentor in the bounty hunting business. Others making appearances are Dabney Coleman in a fantastic role as a sleezy casino owner, Lucy Liu as a federal agent who does little but sit and talk and sharpen her pencil, Delroy Lindo as the big boss of the bounty hunters, Christopher Walken as a reality show producer, and Jacqueline Bisset as Domino's mom. Two of the best roles fall to 90210 alums Ian Zering (I thought you were dead) and Brian Austin Green playing themselves as hosts of the bounty hunting reality show featuring Domino.

There's lots of swearing, shooting, blood and guts, and nudity (yes guys, Kiera gets topless, but it happens near the end, and sitting through all of this to get to it is honestly not worth it). The plot is confusing, and the camera work is annoying. If you wanna see it, just wait for DVD and then steal one from Best Buy.


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