Sunday, October 09, 2005

Into The Blue

Rating: C-

As far as I'm concerned, the only reason to see this movie is Jessica Alba wet and wearing next to nothing. And that's why I went. And that's what I got. And that's about the only good thing in this disaster of a remake. At least I wasn't disappointed in that aspect.

Into the Blue is a remake of the 1977 movie, The Deep. It's the story to two impossibly hot people (Alba and Paul Walker) who live in a trailer and dive for sunken treasure in the Bahamas. Trouble insues when Walker's brother (Scott Caan) and some chick show up from New York for vacation. They go diving and find a long lost ship that if brought up, would set them up for life. A snag in the plan occurs when they happen on a wreck of a drug dealer's plane full of cocaine. And the tug of war or what is easy and what is right and what you really want begins. Do they try to sell the dope in order to raise the money to get the shipwreck? Do they call the cops even though most of the them are crooked apparently? Who knows? Who cares, just get Jessica Alba back in the water again.

The movie takes a very long time to gather steam, and by the end, you really don't care who is on whose side or what happens or whatever. The landscapes are nice to look at, and there are hot folks for both men and women to gaze apon. Josh Brolin is also around as a rival sunken treasure hunter.

Skip this one and watch it in the darkness of your bedroom on DVD so you can pause it on Alba in her itsy bitsy bikini. mmmmmmmm...


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