Friday, September 23, 2005

Lord of War

Rating: C+

I was excited to see this movie, allthough I wasn't entirely sure what it was about it. All I knew was it was about guns and gunrunning, and Nicholas Cage, Jared Leto, and Ethan Hawke were in it. I'm all about guns, so I was there, even though Nick Cage rarely puts on a performance beyond a first year actor.

Lord of War deals with Cage, who plays Yuri, a Russian immigrant who has mysteriously no accent, who becomes a gun runner during the 80's-90's and today. He's followed by his party boy brother (Leto) as he struggles with the moral, ethical, and monetary aspects of supplying the worst of the world with the means to stay the worst. Hawke is the Interpol agent that's hell-bent on stopping Yuri.

The slow moving movie takes you around the world and through nealy 30 years and it seems like it. Cage is relatively lively compared to what he usually does. Leto plays the ne'r do well brother by the book, and Hawke is intense but lost.

It's an ok movie, but one to wait for DVD for.


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