Sunday, September 25, 2005


Rating: C

Jodie Foster goes nuts on a plane! Or does she? That's the premise behind Flightplan. Foster plays a woman named Kyle Pratt who is travelling back to the good ol USA from Germany with her daughter Julia after the death of her husband. Kyle's some sort of airplane designer/propulsion expert who helped in the design of the plane that she is riding in. The plane, by the way, is one of the biggest I've ever seen.

Anyway, during the flight, Kyle falls asleep and when she wakes up, Julia is missing. A increasingly frantic search insues, with no one ever remembering seeing Julia, which raises the question if Julia even came on the plane in the first place. Kyle has to deal with the possibility that she's going crazy with grief or is something else going on?

A slightly interesting premise evolves into a groaner of a movie. In a post 9-11 world, Kyle's hijinks would not have been put up with as much as they were. She would have been shot, or beaten, or at least sedated and not alowed to run amok on the plance. It gets tiring watching her panic and go through the same thing over and over. You're just waiting to see what happened and when you do, Flightplan decends into just another action movie. It's nothing special.

Sean Bean is great as the weary captian. Peter Sarsgaard is the creepy air marshal that grow tired of Kyle's exploits, but he never really comes down on her. There are overtones of Arab terrorism and a display of "brutish Americans" fearful of said terrorism. The ever hot Erika Christensen is also there, but not given a very large role. Just thought I'd mention it.

Overall, not a great movie. There really isn't that much suspense, and the ending will have you reaching for the air sickness bag for more than one reason. Time to deplane from this one.


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